How to subscribe to Telegram app

This subscription will allow you to monitor receipts and shipments status in real time. You will receive corresponding notifications.
To subscribe, enter your Telegram username (without @) in the User Settings in ODB application.
Please enter your username instead of your phone number in the Telegram field.
You can find this info in Telegram account settings.
You can also find out information about your Username directly from the bot by entering the '/check' command in the message line.
Afterwards click the SUBSCRIBE
A new window will open and offer you to open Telegram app.
Click the Open Telegram App button and the bot page will open. At the bottom of the page you will see the Start button. Click it.
If your username is correct, a notification ‘You're now subscribed for notifications for all your sellers’ will appear'.
If you indicate the incorrect Telegram user name in ODB settings, a notification ‘Please set your telegram username in your user settings’ will appear.
After you edit the corresponding field, take those steps described above again but now the Telegram chat doesn’t have ‘Start’ button and you need to enter ‘/start’ by yourself . You can also click and press ‘Start’ button or enter '/start'
If you want multiple Telegram users to receive notifications, you need to create a new group chat and add our bot ( and other users that need to receive notifications. Once you have created a group, enter ‘/start’ in the chat window. Once this is done, every group member will receive notifications.