How to add a new seller?

After registration in the app, the first seller is automatically created with the same name and surname that were entered at the registration stage. You can change this information if necessary. If you do not need to change the data (and this data in the ODB program is for informational purposes only), you can immediately proceed to connecting the seller to Amazon.
Only sellers who have a professional account on Amazon can be added to the ODB program.
You can add up to 100 sellers to the program

STEP 1. Adding a new seller

Go to the Account Settings section:
Next, click the "Add seller" button
and enter the following data: first name, last name, company name. We also recommend that you activate access to the products of all sellers if you plan to add several sellers to your account. In this case, you will have the opportunity to link the asin of any seller with the products created by any seller and you will not have to create separate products for each seller.
Save the data by clicking "CREATE SELLER" button.

Step 2. Connecting the seller to Amazon.

After saving the seller, you need to connect it to Amazon by clicking the "CONNECT TO AMAZON" button.
After that, the system will redirect you to the Amazon Seller central page, where you will need to log in to the system and then on the page that opens, select the merchant (store) that you connect to the program, as well as select the marketplace.
On the next page where general information will be indicated to which sections of the Seller central access is provided via the API for viewing and editing. On this page, you need to mark the checkbox for agreeing to the provision of access and click on the "Confirm" button
OneDayBundle employees do not have access to your keys and passwords and will never ask you for them!
After that, the system will return you to the OneDayBundle account again, where information about the successful connection of the seller will be displayed.