MWS Access

How to provide MWS access

To work with OneDayBundle, you, as an Amazon Seller, need to authorize a developer in Seller Central.
If you plan to work with multiple sellers' accounts, you will need to authorize a developer for each account separately.
Access can only be provided on behalf of the account holder. If the account holder provided you with the access through user permission, you won't be able to authorize a developer.


Follow the link and log in to Seller Central:
Select Third party developer and apps and click the Visit Manage Your Apps button
Then click Authorize new developer button and add the following data:
Developer's Name
OneDayBundle App
Developer ID
Click Next button to confirm


Check the box:
I understand that I take complete responsibility for the acts and omissions of Profity regarding my Amazon selling account and hereby direct Amazon to allow Profity to access my Amazon selling account.
Click Next button to confirm


Your data will display. Please save them on your computer - you will need to add them to OneDayBundle. You will need two parameters: Seller ID and MWS Auth Token
Do not share this data with third parties (via Skype, mail, etc.) as they provide full control over your Amazon account.
Last modified 13d ago