Seller Settings
OneDayBundle allows you to work with several sellers through one account. The limit is 99 sellers per one account but we recommend that sellers should be limited to a small number for easy use.
After you got MWS tokens, you need to add them to your Profile Settings. To do that, in ODB Account click the User Icon at the top right corner of the screen.
User Icon
Click to open menu and select Account Settings:
On the page that opens you can change user data and add one or more sellers:
To further protect from accidental changes, new sellers save in Read-only Mode. Click Edit to unblock fields for further editing:
Fill in all of the fields in English according to your Amazon Seller profile
Your seller’s name in English
Your seller’s surname in English
Enter your name and surname in English or the name of your Amazon seller in English
MWS Seller ID
Enter Seller ID you received earlier
MWS Auth Token
Enter MWS Auth Token you received earlier
Access to all vendor’s items of all sellers
Allow this seller to see vendors’ items of all sellers of your account. (See the Vendor’s Items section)
Click the Save button.
If you entered data correctly, you will receive a confirmation notification on data successfully saved. Now you can work with items.
If an error appears in the MWS seller ID and MWS Auth Token fields, please make sure the field does not have any extra spaces and try again.
ODB employees don't have access to your tokens and passwords and will never ask you for them!
If you create multiple sellers, save each one by a separate click. Seller information also saves separately!

How to select current seller

After you add all the sellers, the full list will appear in the drop-down menu when you point on the man icon at the top right corner of the screen:

Current Seller

Current active seller will be marked with a star. If you want to switch to another seller, click on it in the list.
All FBA Inventory are attached to a particular seller. Products are also attached to the seller but if you have activated a pass-through access, you are able to approach to vendors’ items of all sellers in your account.
Stock balance is attached to a particular item but not to a seller or user. If an access to shared resources is active, the stock balance can be used for multiple sellers.
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