Sellers management

How to select current seller?

After you added all sellers the full list of sellers will be displayed in a drop-down window when you click the User Icon at the top right corner of the screen.
User Icon
The currently active seller will be highlighted with a star. If you want to switch the current seller, click on it in the list. If the list of sellers is large, you can use the "Search" menu and find a seller by name or email.

Editing the personal data of the user and seller

To further protect from accidental changes the mail account data save in Read-only Mode. If you want to change it, please connect with the customer servise.
If you want to change Seller's data, than you click Edit button to unblock fields for further editing:
Click the Save button.
If you create multiple sellers, save each one by a separate click. Seller information also saves separately!

How to select current seller

After you add all the sellers, the full list will appear in the drop-down menu when you point on the man icon at the top right corner of the screen: