How to sign up with ODB?

Find User Account here
You can select a language by clicking the planet icon at the top right corner
STEP 1 – Create a User
In order to start our cooperation, please follow the link to sign up
Please complete the required fields in English. Check the box next to the text ‘I agree with Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy’ and click the Sign Up button. If you do everything correctly, you will receive an email notification.
STEP 2 – Confirm the Registration
Follow the instructions received in the email.
The email can take some time to send. Also, the email can get into the mail folders as ‘Promotions’, ‘Social’ or even ‘Spam’. Please check all folders
STEP 3- Log in
After you’ve confirmed the registration, use the username and password provided at Step 1 to log in.
Please note that after registration in the app, the first seller is automatically created with the same name and surname that were entered at the registration form. You can change this information if necessary.