FBA Inventory

To start working with ASINs, please log in and click the FBA Inventory section:
A page with your items ASINs will open.
If you have just registered, the page will be blank.
Here you can see all necessary information on the ASIN's including:
  • ASIN has or not components
  • ASIN photo
  • ASIN number
  • Merchant SKU
  • ASIN title
  • Quantity – current stock balance in the warehouse.
  • Amazon item type – individual, set or bundle
To view an ASIN page click the Eye icon in the Actions column.

How to search for an ASIN

The search is performed through the ASIN number, Merchant SKU and ASIN title fields. Type exact title/number to search by ASIN or SKU. To search by name you can type part of the item title and get a list of all items where this part is found.

How to add ASINs

You can add ASINs in two ways: manually via the Add button, or using bulk upload, which allows you to synchronize the FBA inventory of Amazon and ODB.
To add ASIN manually press "ADD" button. Then put ASIN number in the field with the same name, Merchant SKU (it is obligatorily) and add item components - this way you tell us which product we need to take from the warehouse to complete the ASIN.
Amazon item type will be will selected automatically depending on the number of products included in the ASIN
At the end press SAVE button to save the changes.