Affiliate program

What is an affiliate program?

The Affiliate Program is an easy way to get extra real money on your personal Payoneer. By referring new clients to OneDayBundle, you will receive $50.00 once your client has paid $250.00 for OneDayBundle for any period of time.
Each new client from you receives a 20% discount on the first order* made on OneDayBundle (*the discount does not apply to the service of redemption of goods).

How to become a member of the affiliate program?

Each registered client of OneDayBundle can become a member of the affiliate program. Link to registration here. To activate the program, you just need to provide a new client to register in our program with your referral link
The link is available in the upper information panel of the user's personal account and in the "Settings" menu of the account in the "Affiliate Program" section.
After clicking on the link, the new client has 30 days to register. If during this time the client has not registered, the link becomes invalid and the bonus will not be provided.
The link in your personal account is available on an ongoing basis.

How are bonuses calculated?

Bonuses are credited to your personal Payoneer or to the OneDayBundle balance after the client you referred pays for the services of the OneDayBundle prep center in the amount of at least $250.00 (only product processing and storage services are taken into account, payment for the purchase of goods is not taken into account!)
The method of receiving personal bonus funds is determined by the client himself.
A new client can pay for services in parts. The waiting time for payment of the required amount to receive the bonus is not limited. As soon as the total amount of payments reaches $250.00, a bonus of $50.00 will be credited to your account.
The bonus can be received one time for one new client. The number of new clients is not limited.

Where can I see information on referred clients and bonuses?

All information regarding the number of referred clients, bonus accruals, etc. will be available in the Personal Account section "Settings" -> "Affiliate Program".
It will contain the following information:
  • Number of attracted clients
  • Number of bonus money received
  • Number of bonus money spent on services for all time

How to use the discount on the purchase of a new client?

A new customer automatically receives a 20% discount on their first order of any service on OneDayBundle.

The duration of the affiliate program.

The affiliate program is valid on an ongoing basis (or until the violation of the conditions described below).

Partners are not allowed

  • To order services using your affiliate link
  • It is not allowed to use your affiliate link to register an account or order a service for personal purposes.
In case of detection of illegal actions on the part of clients, the bonus is not accrued and the discount is not provided, and if it was accrued and the discount was provided, all accruals are canceled. Such a partner will be permanently disconnected from the affiliate program.