How to create FBA Shipment from the ODB app

To create a shipment from your OneDayBundle account, you need to go to the "FBA Shipment" section and click on the "NEW SHIPMENT +" button.
Please pay attention to item components and item SKU. These fields must be filled in. The SKU field corresponds to a similar ASIN field in Amazon FBA Inventory in the Seller Central. You will not be able to create shipment without this.
Therefore, before adding ASINs to the shipment, make sure that the data is filled in correctly in the asin in the ODB FBA Inventory personal account section.
Step 1. In the first step, you should select "Create New" (1).
Step 2. At the next step, you should choose who will labeling the products: the prep center (OneDayBundle prep Label)(1) or Amazon (Amazon prep Label)(2).
Step 3. Next, you need to choose how the products will be packed: Individual or Case packed. If you do not know for sure how the products will be packed (for example, ASINs are not in individual packages and you do not know the exact number of such boxes in 1 shipping box), then choose the "Individual" option.
Step 4. On the next step, we add ASINs to the shipment. ASINs can be added manually (each of ASINs added separately)(1) or you can download the shipment content by importing a pre-filled *xls file (2).
To upload a file, you can first export an example file for filling.
If each ASIN will be added separately, then the process should be started by clicking on the "+" button (1). Next, select an ASIN from the drop-down list (you can filter products by the name or ASIN ID) (2) and specify the quantity to send (3). If you move the cursor over the orange icon (4), will open a window that will display information about how much of the supplier’s product from item components of ASIN is in stock, and how many ASINs can be sent in the shipment. If for any reason the ASIN needs to be deleted at this stage, click on the "X" icon (5).
If you add ASIN, which does not have an item component and/or SKU, to the shipping plan, an error message will pop up and the button “Create Amazon Shipment” will be disabled. You need to double-check the data and make the appropriate changes in the FBA Inventory section
Step 5. When all the data is entered and verified, click on the "Create Amazon Shipment" button.
Step 6. After clicking on the "Create Amazon Shipment" button, a shipping plan is created (it's not the ship itself yet!!!). The "Title" field will be automatically filled in, but the name of the shipment can be changed (1). Also at this stage, the shipment is assigned an ID (2).
Amazon may split products into different warehouses (different Shipment IDs will be created). This can only be affected by activating the corresponding paid option in the Seller central settings, according to which all shipments will be sent to one warehouse.
Step 7. Shipment Creation Confirmation bu clicking on the "Create shipment" button. (3). The shipment is automatically created in both the ODB account and Amazon Seller Central.
Pay attention! A shipment in an ODB account is created in the "Draft" status
Next, go to the shipment page, double-check all the data. Make changes, if necessary, bu clicking "EDIT" button (1) and add comments to the shipment or put a mark on the additional packaging. After saving the changes, if they have been made, be sure (!!!) to set the shipment to the "New" status using the "SEND FOR PACKAGING" button (2).
Only shipments that have the New status will be prepped.
Our Telegram-bot will inform you about the change in the status of the shipment. If you haven’t subscribed to out Telegram-bot yet, we recommend subscribing.

How to change the shipment?

After creating a shipment from the ODB program, if you need to make changes to the shipment (change the number of units or completely remove one of the asins), this must be done ONLY through the ODB program (read about this in the next article).
After a shipment has been created, it is forbidden to change it in the Seller central, even just to view the data of the ship, since in this case the API connection will be deleted and all subsequent actions with the ship will need to be performed in the Seller central.