How to create FBM order

Before creating an FBM shipment, make sure that you have added vendors and vendor's items in the relevant sections as "Vendors" and "Vendor's items (Resources)" in your account.
To create an FBM shipment, go to the section "FBM Orders" and click the "Add" button.
The field is optional and not mandatory. However, we recommend that you include the FBM order number assigned by Amazon. This will help in identifying orders.
You can buy a shipping label yourself on third-party resources or through Amazon (on how to buy a label through Amazon, read below), or with the help of OneDayBundle.

Prep center buys the transport label

If OneDayBundle buys the shipping label for you, then you need to mark the field "Ship label buys prep-center" and it will be mandatory to fill in the full and correct shipping address, as well as the recipient's info. If you know the box dimensions and its weight, this information can also be specified in the special section named "Boxes"
You can enter a zip code in the zip code field, press the Enter button, and the state and city fields will be automatically entered.
In addition, if the prep center buys the label and you know the exact weight and size of the box to send, you can specify this information in the "Boxes" section. From the drop-down list next to the subsection name, you can select the units of measurement in which you specify the data. The default is "in/lb/oz"
If you do not know the dimensions of the box, do not fill in this fields, and if you have already clicked "+" and the fields to fill in have appeared, delete them with an "X".
After buying a shipping label, it will be added to the order, the tracking number is added to a corresponding field. When you click the "pdf", the file will be downloaded to your computer and you can check the correctness of the data specified on the label.

You buy the transport label yourself

If you purchase a transport label yourself, you do not need to mark "Transport label buys prep center", you will not need to provide information about the recipient, you only need to upload the label to the order in the "Transport Labels" section. To do this, click the appropriate button.

How to buy a shipping label through Amazon?

To buy a shipping label through Amazon go to Seller Central → Orders → Manage Orders → View Seller Fulfilled orders
Find the desired order and click the "Buy shipping" button. To simplify and speed up the search, you can use the search bar and / or select the desired time period.
On the next page, be sure to verify the ship from address. The address of our warehouse 3038 SW 42nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312 must be indicated. Also on this page it is necessary to specify the parcel dimensions and weight.
If the order contains only 1 SKU, then specify the item dimensions, which is indicated on the listing.
Next, specify the item weight (1), select shipping service (2), select 4 in x 6 in label print orientation and download it to your computer in PDF format (3), then click the "Buy Shipping" button.
If for some reason the shipping label was not downloaded before buying, you can download it on the order page.

Adding a product to the order

Next, add products to the order. To do this, click the "+" button.
Select the items from the drop-down list of the vendor's items (which were added earlier) and specify the quantity to ship. Add as many items as needed to be be shipped in this order.
If you need to send a set in the order, enter in the quantity field exactly the number of units, and not sets, so that the balances in the program are correctly written off.
After all the items have been added, click the "Save" button.
If you have any clarifications on the order or its packaging, all this can be described in the "Comment" field.
By default, the shipment is saved in the "Draft" status. The warehouse starts to pack the shipment when it has "New" status by clicking the "Send for packing" button
Please note, if one of the mandatory fields is not filled in the FMB order, the "Send for packing" button will be inactive. You need to click on the Edit button, add information to the order, save the changes, and only then send the order for packaging.
Next, our Telegram bot will inform you about the status change of order. If you haven't subscribed to it yet, we recommend subscribing.