How to create Removal Orders

Removal order is a removal of batch of goods from Amazon account to a prep center (warehouse) for examination, repackaging, relabeling and/or sending back to FBA to the same account or another.


To create a Removal order in Seller Central, go to the Inventory -> Manage inventory -> select the item(s) that you want to remove, and click Create removal orders.
In the window that opens, specify the format of the removal "Return-to Address", add our return address (3038 SW 42nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312), phone number (786-723-6180) and the recipient’s name.
It is required to indicate the recipient’s name (field "Full name") in the format:
Name_LastName_ ODB_Returns_ID where:
Name - is the recipient’s name (your name according to OneDayBundle account);
Lastname - is the last name of the recipient (your last name according to OneDayBundle account);
ODB_Returns - is a mandatory unchanged adding;
ID - is your ID in the app (you get an ID once registered and it can be found in OneDayBundle account settings. You can also get it from a support manager)

How to create a Supply through OneDayBundle account

Before you create a supply for removal orders, you should:
1. Make sure you have an Amazon Removal vendor in your vendor list and, if not, add one.
2. Make sure the corresponding resource in the "Vendors's items (resources)" section is available. If you didn’t add one, add a new resource and indicate Amazon Removal as vendor’s name.
We recommend that you indicate the item name in the same way as the vendor or according to the listing. However, if the name on the listing is too long, shorten it and add any distinctive characteristic of the item to the name, for example, color, size or ASIN, so that it is immediately clear which item is being removed.
In the UPC field, it is VERY IMPORTANT to add FNSKU, since a Package list from Amazon will contain the item with the same UPC and we will also be able to identify the item by UPC.
If the item/resource has already been added, go to the resource page and click the "Edit" button to add a new vendor to the resource, which is "Amazon Removal" and UPC. In this case, there’s no need to edit the name of the resource.
3. In the "Supplies" section, create a new supply for the Amazon Removal vendor. You need to create a supply with the "Storage" type. In the "Supplier Order" field, you can specify the unique number that Amazon assigned this removal.
In the "Items" tab, select the items that you remove and their quantity.
Right after creating a removal on Amazon, you will not have track numbers yet, so create a supply without tracking numbers and change its status to the New one. When tracking numbers are available in Seller Central, BE SURE to add them to the supply using the edit option.
If the warehouse does not have removal order data (there is no tracking number in the app, the supply could not be identified by the recipient's name and /or UPC), we reserve the right to dispose of the goods within 14 working days from the day they accepted by the warehouse.

Where can I see the Tracks for Deletion Orders?

Removal orders tracks need to be checked in Seller central section Amazon Fulfillment Reports -> Removals -> Removal Shipment Detail. Click on the Download button and the downloaded file will contain the necessary information.
In case of violation of the above rules or non-compliance with them, we reserve the right not to process your returns and dispose them.
We also reserve the right to stop processing all returns in case the payment for warehouse services wasn’t made.
The rates for processing of Removal orders can be found on our website.