Inbound Products

In this section you need to indicate which products from what supplier and what quantity will be delivered to our warehouse, as well as you need to indicate shipment type (FBA, Storage, FBM or Forward).
Moreover, you need to enter tracking numbers, which will help us to identify your package

How to create a supply

Before you create a supply, make sure you set up all seller's items, which will be a part of supply, as well as vendor and vendor’s of items.
To create a supply go to the Inbound Products section in your Account.
Click the Add button

Step 1 – General information

  • Select a Supplier who will ship products to the warehouse. Required field. (1)
  • Select a supply type (2). Select FBA or FBM and enter ID in the next field (3) if products in the supply upon their receipt by the warehouse should be prepped and shipped to Amazon or a buyer (in case you’ve already created the FBA Shipment/FBM order in the ODB app). If you haven't created the FBA shipment or FBM order yet, select Storage instead. Required field.
If you've created several FBA shipments for the supply, enter one of the shipment IDs in the corresponding field. Other shipment IDs should be added to the Comment field. Do not duplicate supplies for each such shipment!
If a shipment is created for a supply, that shipment will be processed and sent within 24 hours once the supply is completed.
  • Enter the supply title (4). Optional
  • Enter the order number (5). Optional
  • In the comment field (6), you may type any helpful information for our warehouse employees. Optional.
  • in the Invoices section (7), you can download any invoice or any document confirming the order/sending the order.
You cannot save the supply yet. Next step is to add items

Step 2- Items

Go to the "Items" tab
Click the ‘+’ sign to add a new item to the supply.
Select the corresponding products you expect to receive. In the Qty field enter the product quantity you expect to receive. The Qty to receive field will be filled in automatically according to the number you entered when creating Products.
Option 1. The supplier "A" has an item "X" and for this item you indicated 1 unit at Package Option step. You create a supply from this supplier and expect to receive 100 units. In this case, in Qty field you need to enter 100. In the Qty to receive field the number of 100 units will be automatically filled in.
Option 2. The supplier "B" has an item "X" too and for this item in Package Option you entered 50 units within a package. You create a supply from the supplier and expect to receive 100 units. In this case in Qty field you need to enter 2. Though, in the Qty to Receive field the number of 100 units will be automatically filled in.
Option 3. The supplier "c" has an item "X" too and for this item in Package Option you entered 100 units within a package. You create a supply from the supplier and expect to receive 100 units. In this case in Qty field you need to enter 1. Though, in the Qty to Receive field the number of 200 units will be automatically filled in.
You need to create one supply per one supplier! The item selection is limited by its supplier.
As soon as you add an item, you will be able to save the supply by clicking the Save button.
Your supply will get the Draft status first. Supplies, which have the Draft status, will not be considered by the warehouse employees.

Step 3 – Tracking numbers

If a vendor has provided you with tracking numbers, make sure you add them to the Tracking numbers tab as the warehouse accepts packages according to tracking numbers only!
To do this, go to the Trackings numbers tab and add tracking numbers of your package. The supply can not be accepted without tracking numbers and/or it can take up to 14 days to identify it.
There are several ways to add tracking numbers:
  • every tracking number can be added by clicking "+" button;
  • after you added a tracking number, press Enter, then each new number will be moved to a new line;
  • tracking numbers can be added to one line by pressing the Spacebar without comma or other symbols. After tracking numbers were added, press Enter (this method works best if you need to add a lot of tracking numbers).
  • you can add more tracking numbers, for example, if you have an excel sheet containing them. Simply click the Add numbers in bulk (see screenshot), then copy a column with tracking numbers and carriers from an excel sheet and paste them in the corresponding field and then click Process.
If you know the carrier that delivers your package, select it in the drop-down list or select the corresponding name that is above the tracking list (the latest works for adding carrier names in bulk as well for all the tracking numbers in the list).
When you add a large amount of track numbers, you do not need to select name of the transport company for each of them. You can use the buttons above and the selected transport company name will be added automatically to all track numbers.
In this case the delivery status will be updated automatically.
If you need to delete a tracking number, use the "Х" button that is in front of the tracking number.
In the drop-down list you can find the USA basic carriers. If your parcel will be either delivered by other carrier, or you don't have the info on the carrier, select Other.
If, for some reason, you do not know the tracking numbers, or the delivery will be carried out in any other way, leave these fields empty, but be sure to add a comment to the supply such as delivery date and item quantity.
If you click the ‘+’ sign in the Trackings tab and do not add a tracking number, you won’t be able to save the supply. Please delete the line by clicking ‘Х’ sign in the Actions column and then click the Save button.
Save the supply by clicking the Save button and change its status to the New by clicking "Send to fulfilment" button.
If the supply has the Accepting or Finished status you can view the receipt info on the supply. To do this, click the "View Receiving products" button.
On the next page you can find information on the receipt and its accomplishment (in case it was finished), as well as receipt content and actual received item quantity.
After creating a supply, our Telegram bot will inform you about the change in the status of this order. If you haven't subscribed to it yet, we recommend you to subscribe.

How to add tracks to the created supply?

If the supply has already been created, but you need to add one or more track numbers to it, depending on the status of the delivery, you need to do the following:
  • if the supply is in the "Draft" or "New" status, make all changes after clicking the "Edit" button.
  • if the supply is in the "Receiving" status, to enter the track number, you need to go to the "Trackings" tab, enter the track in a special field (1), select the courier service to which the package will be delivered (2), click the "Add" button ( 3), if necessary, repeat the previous steps and add other track numbers. After all, save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button

How can I delete a created supply?

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely remove the delivery from the database, but you can write to us in the Telegram chat with a request to transfer the delivery to the Draft status.
Video tutorial on how to add supplies: