About us

Our company has been selling items on Amazon for more than three years but our prep center, as a project, is relatively new. Launching this project, we analyzed the service market and noticed that there is an outstanding request from potential customers for prep speed. We set ourselves a goal: what we receive today will be shipped to FBA tomorrow. We also put the focus on preparing bundles (sets) and due to partial automation, we improved their preparation. Now we already have 5 shrink wrapping machines. Our motto is Money which you couldn’t make today, you can never make again. Unfortunately, still many sellers wait for their requests for a few days or even weeks, while items of our clients are shipped to FBA the next day. Time is money! Our current performance is 7-10 pallets per day, 75% of which are bundles (sets) and high-quality bubble wrap.

Our course is to expand by increasing area and equipment. And, of course, automation of customer service within warehouse and item preparation. Therefore, we’re launching our application to process and improve the work between a client and prep center.

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